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Clothing Review on a handfull of Brands
I havent posted on ogf in a long fuckin while, so i thought why not post something i used to do a bit back when i used this site often :)

Price: slightly pricey depending on what your looking for
Creativity: Extremely creative with their designs, especially the accesories (umbrellas, pillows, etc.)
Hype: very well known in the clothing (especially skatewear) community. Sold at Zumiez, Journeys, etc)
Rate: 9/10

Acid Reign
Price: pricey for clothing, but still affordable
Creativity: not as creative as others, but aesthetically pleasing in most cases.
Hype: not very well known. promoted a lot on Instagram
Rate: 4/10

Price: regular price for skatewear (25 per tee and 70-80 per hoodie)
Creativity: same well-known brand name but altered in many different ways.
Hype: extremely well known and popular for teens and young adults.
Rate: 10/10

Tommy Hilfiger
Price: usually pricey but it all depends on where you get it from (actual store = expensive. outlet store = cheaper)
Creativity: usually embroidered logo on shirts, leather, etc. not too creative but extremely simplistic and beautiful.
Hype: not in the skatewear or streetwear community but very popular nonetheless.
Rate: 7/10

Price: above average price on most clothes
Creativity: pretty creative. lots of variety.
Hype: usually average hype for most communities
Rate: 6/10

Price: slightly cheaper than Supreme (average 22 a shirt, 86 a hoodie, etc)
Creativity: extremely creative. logo usually printed on most to all clothing and accessories.
Hype: not as much as supreme but repped by some artist like $uicideboy$ which makes it more popular
Rate: 8/10

Price: slightly below average than normal streetwear
Creativity: average. panda and logo on almost all of their merch
Hype: not known as much as others.
Rate: 4/10
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