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Official Wisdom Group Information.
Hello, my name is Raymond and I am interested in joining Wisdom. I am 16 years of age as of today, and have been doing business online since I was essentially 12. I begun working on Minecraft servers which allowed for me to find my graphic expertise. From there I began creating maps for server owners on various different Minecraft based forums making approximately $300 or so a week. More recently I have been basing myself on doing more graphic design type work as well as obtaining and flipping OG accounts because I felt as if Minecraft itself won't get anyone anywhere. I am extremely active in the OGF community at the moment, and in the coming weeks will more than likely be purchasing a group of my own. I have a bit of experience when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and am a helpful person when it comes to getting answers.
I originally had quite a bad reputation within the community, even got rep fucked by @Alpha, however since then I have recovered from quite a lot of negative reputation and have been slowly rising back up ever since. Drama between myself and others have died down, so I would say I am in better standing within the community now. 
I joined OGF after being on HF for a bit of time. I originally was a user based on writing eBooks for users, but although the money was good I felt it just wasn't the right thing to do and so I stopped. I am a relatively well-rounded individual and have been in these types of communities before, and I would be glad to join "Wisdom" because I can see it is filled with individuals that just like me.

Thanks for taking the time read this application.
2nd entry here we go.

Hey its FairyTail again, I would first like to say thanks for reopening this, I was fully prepared to wait 2 months however. Since last time I applied, my requirements has risen. I have done more for the community :), contributed more to the site, done even more successful deals and helped a ton more people on this site. As always I have stayed legit and am sad to see more disputes recently. I hope you consider me this time as I am a loyal team player, I am respectful to everyone, I'd always wear that UB, and I will follow all rules.

Thanks for reading, cheers.
Spot has been filled.

Closing this again.
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