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PlayStation Modded PS4 GTA account (Secure for 12+ months) - everything you need
So I sorta quit forums unless I need something sold and I've been holding onto this jewel for quite awhile. It's surpassed 5+ R* ban sprees with the following stats:

in game perks/benefits:

You have a stripper outfit for heists.

CEO/MC/Bunker/Hangar stacked with cars, airplanes and basically everything you need already.

on top of that:

I got 3-4 of all high tier vehicles and 6 garages filled with cars to sell in the case R* takes your money.

Not done:

42.0+ k/d
All Ammunation, and everything for vehicles, chrome for even newer vehicles,

This account has been secure and alive for over 12 months and counting with constant activity.

BIN: $100
Current Offer: ---

Still selling this
Need 20 Posts Don't Mind Me.

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