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Released My Music!
Hey all,

been fucking around with tryna create a new genre of soundcloud rap and decided to drop some songs.

If you like sadboi rap -

If you like hard beats -

If you like shit like lil Xan -

drop me a PM if you have a SM following, I'd like to buy Reposts/Shoutouts

PS -
this shit like half on spotify and stores and the rest is still coming to stores bc why not
Contact: Kik @ txo
any feedback homies?!
Contact: Kik @ txo
Whatsup Sadgods, how's the merch coming?

Love your music & please release that song that I've been begging about on IG.
Music is the food of the soul. Good luck.
I make music too! Grin

First song:
Second song:

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