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Thin's Vouch Thread (AKA Ej)
Leave a nice response if you've gone first to me or if you just know me to be legit. :)
I'm @kenny's son.
<3 Click below for vouches <3
[Image: jMl11S.png]
vouch for tin tin thin
i dont own quicksilver anymore

[Image: 52ff63c7419c23a50e30148b936df331.png]
Vouch. Bought stuff off him in the past and he was legit! Don't hesitate.
Pretty legit. Purchased a kik and transaction went smoother than expect

Thank you Thin!
Vouch for Thin, sold me an og IG
Vouch for selling me a 2006 roblox account for $20 PayPal, I went first. He sent the account, unverified too.

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