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anti social social club hate
(01-05-2018, 05:49 AM)eli Wrote: yea that's what I meant by pre-orders, assuming they don't have all the hoodies (if any) made already.

I filed a dispute with my card and won it bc i showed a screenshot of my ASSC confirmation from 3 months ago, and got my $100 back this morning, i have 1 ASSC hoodie from a previous drop but im not going to sit here and wait for over 3+ months just for a package that I might not end up getting till Winter of 2019. Go look at their Instagram, 24/7 there's people telling them to shit their stuff.

I like ASSC, i enjoy their concept, but I don't like how I feel like they care more about their $ than their reputation. 
Even with them being this large, they know that they can keep making more money using this method bc people will still continue to buy, while still waiting for their package that they bought 7 months ago

It still builds the hype sadly. Blind kids.
i personally own 2 shirts 2 hoodies and 2 hats. i dunno if it was worth that wait. ASSC is a trash brand that doesn't give a shit about their customers.
ASSC is the bottom pit of worthless streetwear garbage. If neek gave the slightest shit about any of his few supporters left he would actually update you on your product you've been waiting on for months. The fact that you bought more after winning a dispute against them is astounding.
IG: @Lucas
I actually love it even though they're pricey af
assc is a cool brand, people complain about shipping but still buy. doesnt make sense to me. Either way if you really wan to cop just buy a collab items as theya re always shipped asap
I like their stuff but way too overpriced

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