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finally found my true love..
(10-06-2017, 02:27 PM)air Wrote: i have always thought he was cute and so sincere with his boyish charm and ravishing good looks. ive listened to his music through the good and bad times and i can honestly say i truly love him. i finally built up the courage to ask him out and he said yes i am so lucky and so so so happy i love you baby @atlas

here's to 14 minutes of being together and a lot more to come! get on skype cutie

Congrats $YEET$
We are happy for u
is it fine if your boyfriend sends me nudes? but congrats on the engagement lmao
don't really know how to use this website even tho i been a member since 2016 lol
Why is this site so dead
Sounds like a joke, but if it's serious then I'm glad for you two to have found eachother Heart
Bumping this gayread
kik: jayke

wow this is cute
Instagram: @byebashlol
Kik: A.rnold

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