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Staff Poison's Vouch Thread
My official voucher thread. Please post if I have done any of the following:

Middle Man Services
I purchased from you
You purchased from me
If you trust me
Any deal done successfully
Vouch he just bought a $300 GT off me went first and super legit. Thanks.
Vouch for @Griz dealt $300+ Onsite and offsite.
Vouch for GRiZ dude is super cool and we just did a deal
Vouch, just mm'd a high tier trade for my man, deal was smooth!
Won a really nice @ giveaway from @GRIZ and he delivered the info quick! Vouch!
Cool dude, seems professional and I'm talking to him now.
Vouch for this user, went first everything went smooth  Perfect
Straight up one of the coolest dudes I've ever dealt with. I went first on a $300 deal. Very patient and mature and not greedy at all. Overall cool dude
I sold a Kik to this user and I went first. Thanks a ton for buying from me! Dealing was fast and easy - has my trust .
The power to let power go.

@Sanctified - HF and OGF.

Kik: Yeezus


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