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Apex $750+ giveaway in btc and SMs
"If you start with a bang, you won't end with a whimper." - T.S. Eliot

I have just permanently joined Supreme and I would like to do a huge giveaway on their behalf, thanks @Storm for letting me join and it's great to be with you fellow members.

I really do see a very bright future for myself, Supreme, and OGF as a whole so why not do this.

Just post below (As much as you want) and i will draw your post # on May 13th (or a trusted member such as one of the staff members)


50 posts, joined in January or earlier, positive or neutral rep, cannot be in DWC

so post below! giveaway starts now

things the winner will receive:

kiks: excellence, 4541, Relish, Churchill, 1191
Twitter @inf*rm @Admonisher
Gamertag: L*wy*r
about.mes: Nevada, Nebraska
$210 btc
Gmail: Engaging
Twitter: @Ga*th
Instagram: @aborting @soakage
Snapchat: MoFkN
Soundcloud: Necrozma
Beam.pros: Sus, Dos, Twylight

anyone who wants to donate btc or sms lmk

donators: @NISS4N @Storm @Retard @morbid @Chuck @Aeolian @Cold @nova
[Image: Improved2.png]
Amazing giveaway! Thank you so much.
[Image: Am6GxZG.gif]
Yee haw, lets get entered
jiggaboo jiggaboo where r u
nice from you doing this, happy to see i'm not the only one doing "big" btc giveaways. (not posting to enter)
Amazing, Posting to enter bro.
damn i need this badly. entering this!
very nice of you, I'll enter this
This is an amazing giveaway and I'm glad to have you as part of the family! Heart
[Image: 905128_stormsig.png]

Kik: trs
Always PM me before any deals.
entering this again!
count me in .... thanks

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