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Apex $8 [Cracked] 30-50 Skin FN Accounts シ
Check all these daily & each have a good amount of skins & cool ones at that. You can tell that the players are not so active by the unlocks, these are really good for flexing skins you missed out in the shop. 

  • Ones in blue have rare® items so get those quick!

  • Ones with a "✔️" can be linked to PS4!

  • Ones with a " Heart " can be linked to XB1!
Selling for:

Account 6  Heart

Account 13 Heart

Account 16 Heart

Account 20 Heart

Account 21✔️

Account 22 Heart (scythe picaxe)

TOS: No Refunds. Most Likely Can Not Secure These For Yourself. These Are Cracked Accounts So Password Can Be Changed At Anytime & There Is Nothing You Or I Can Do About It. You Acknowledge & Accept These Conditions Upon Purchase. Thanks. 

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