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Apex Anyone There? :(
seeing who still uses this forum lmao ik its dead Cry1

also reply if you want to be in the gods usergroup since its useless now LOL
[Image: Cye2g3r.png]
Yay, I want to be in gods!!!!!!
[Image: OJus4FD.gif]
I’m still here :) I’d like to join aswell lol
[Image: 66U70GS.jpg]
Hello my dear, I'd love to be invited actually.
contact me:
I'd like to be added if you would accept me.
Add me pls man o_o
kik: jayke

I remember you trying to sell this for hell cheap
added everyone who requested. and @Zues ik man sites dead lol

@Huge added you
[Image: Cye2g3r.png]
Site is still lit ! :o

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