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Apex Drifty's Vouch Thread
Great guy! Deal went very smooth :)
vouch, just dealt with him, bought my twitch, by far the smoothest deal i've ever done. don't hesitate to deal with this user
Vouch for Drift. Did a large deal with this user. Legit, and don't hesitate to deal with!
User paid for my MM services. Quick and painless deals with this User always.
Kik: Grisoft
Vouch for Drift , $1.5k + in deals done no mm Heart most legit GT salesman I know.
Vouch for this man, bought a tag off me!
Vouch for the homie drift, went first w no worries and overall a fast and easy transaction. Legit asfff
Do it for the Culture
Kik: Cultuure
Vouch For Drift. Successful deal. Hope to deal with you in the future
[Image: NHXpss.png]
huge vouch for thıs guy
Vouch for Drifty! First exchange I’ve done on OGF in a while and it was super smooth.
[Image: ZJlm3ZT.jpg]
Just smile and live my nigga.

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