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Buying Red Dead Redemption PS3 Platinum
Obviously I know I'm probably not going to have much luck on a site like this but it's worth a shot since I'm desperate. 

As you all may know RDR2 is about to drop in a few weeks and I'm looking for someone who is experienced with auto popping the first games trophies to the platinum or 100% completion including the DLC trophies. I'm wanting this done ASAP before the 26th so I can be ready for RDR2's platinum. 

I'd like for the trophies to have different timestamps or look pretty legit also. I've seen a few websites online which cater to this sort of stuff but unfortunately I can't get into contact with any of them. Hence why I'm trying wherever I can try to find a capable person who can do this. 

Message me on here if you're keen to do this for me and we can get in touch in a more personal matter. I can pay with PayPal, BTC etc, doesn't bother me.
i can do this 4 u whats ur discord
(10-07-2018, 04:54 PM)deso Wrote: i can do this 4 u whats ur discord

PM'd you.

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