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Father & Son Reboot the Million Dollar Homepage with Million Dollar Holler
My name is Mike Bowen and after years of doing mobile apps and several other internet based projects with countless partners, I'm proud to say I have partnered up with my 20 year old son, Joshua on a project over at which is a reboot from the successfully completed pixel ad space project done back in 2005. I'm also the creator of the hit iPhone apps, Fake Trump Tweets and All In Trump Slots. We have added a few tweaks to the reboot at Million Dollar Holler by running a contest that will pay out $1 million dollars total for the top 5 places which is based on clicks/votes on ad space. We think that the creative nature of this contest could be awesome. I mean imagine someone pooling money together to buy multiple spaces and use the notorious Where's Waldo image to grab the attention of visitor in order to dominate the leaderboard and take home a cool million bucks. We also allow people to purchase ad space using bitcoins. Overall, my son and I are looking forward to the project and hope to see a few of you there.
[Image: IcXQWst.png]

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