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[ICO][BOUNTY] Blockchain Social Network - KUENDE.COM - $495.000 IN ETH & KUE
[Image: pCAaDJi.jpg]

There is just one single thing which is more important than our values, our team and our product - YOU, OUR USER! We are now at an important milestone in Kuende’s history in which we soon plan to end the BETA era of our product. Also, this ICO has offered us new ways to engage with you and make you part of our story. This is why we have decided, for the first time ever, to reward you with more than simple points for your efforts, trust, commitment and contribution in our platform.

We have created three different Bounty Campaigns you can choose from, in order to earn Kuende Tokens for free!

How To Join

1. Sign Up on
2. Create your Social Profile
3. Add your ETH Wallet in the Account’s Settings
4. Choose between 3 unique bounties (create content in the platform, refer friends or create content on other social media platforms)
5. Read and follow the rules for each type of campaign
6. Post your activity reports by copying the links from your Kuende Posts and pasting them in this thread, in the following format:

Name of the Bounty Campaign
Kuende Username
Kuende Post Link

Bounty Campaign Details

Bounty Campaign Reward Pool:
- $495.000 USD in Kuende Tokens (KUE) for the 3 different Bounty Campaigns
- 15 ETH for the Top 5 places in the Leaderboard
- 5 Trips to meet the Kuende Team

Bounty End Date: October 21st, 2018

Complete Rules & Terms:

Choose Your Weapons!

The Bounty Hunter

[Image: bounty_hunter.png]

The participants must join the Kuende Community and create content, by using the Bounty Post feature. We have created two different topics and types of content from which you can choose from: Creativity & Challenges. 

 I. Creativity: Participants must prove their implication within a creative endeavor that ties in with the Kuende platform and its vision. This can be realized through any type of media as long as the content belongs to them and is made by them in entirety. Demonstrate your love for Kuende and you will be rewarded! It all depends on your and your friends’ creativity!

Below you can find few examples and topics for the Creativity Posts. You can choose any of them as source of inspiration:

- Compose Kuende a song or a jingle and upload the link to it;
- Design a logo for our KUE Token;
- Show us how you spread the word about Kuende! Go outside, be it the middle of the street, a store, a subway station or a park, and inform others about our vision;
- Through creative/artistic means express why you think Kuende has the power to change the world;
- Create funny or compelling illustrations involving our mascot, design outfits for it, print our mascot on a T-shirt and show us how you rock it, etc.
- Bring together the visual aesthetics of the Kuende logo with the Swahili culture and thematic;
- Dress the world with Kuende! Create outstanding graffiti street art using the word “Kuende” or make stickers with our mascot or logo and place them anywhere and everywhere;
- Show us how Kuende has been infused in your daily life routine;
- Just how crazy are you about Kuende right now? Did you tattoo the logo on your arm? Did you personalize your license plate to match the word “Kuende”? Is your wardrobe now filled with clothes of our red color? Is it something else? Let us know!

II. Challenges: Bounty Hunters must propose challenges that fit within either one of the five types of challenges: Event, Community, Contest, Sponsored, AR. For each of these challenge types we have created a set of guidelines and an example to help you out.

How It Works

- Creating a new Bounty Post requires you to spend 25Kp from your balance.
- The Bounty Posts will be published in the Discovery Feed, posts which will automatically be tagged with the main interest ICO Bounty Campaign and one of the following sub-interests: Creativity, Event, Community, Contest, Sponsored, AR.
- The Bounty Posts can be rated with Kp by anyone within the Kuende Community.
- When an user receives their first Kp rating on one of their Bounty Post they unlock the Bounty Hunter Achievement. All Kp received through rating on their Bounty Posts afterwards accumulate and build up towards leveling up the Bounty Hunter Achievement.
- The Bounty Hunter Achievement has a total of 10 Levels.
- At the end of the bounty campaign - October 21st, at 23:59:59 UTC - we will check your achievement level and number of Kp received on your Bounty Posts. Based on these you will win KUE.

[Image: 7mRJXFU.png]

[Image: bmvjw1j.png]

Trend Setter

[Image: trend_setter.png]

The participants are tasked with inviting their friends on Kuende via their referral link. 

How It Works

- Whenever someone has joined Kuende from your referral link and has also finished creating their Social Profile, the progress will be added and counted in the Trend Setter Achievement.
- At the end of the bounty campaign - 21st of October at 23:59:59 UTC - we will check your Trend Setter Achievement and see the number of users joined. Based on this you will win KUE.

[Image: 7mRJXFU.png]

[Image: bmvjw1j.png]

The Influencer

[Image: influencer.png]

The participants are rewarded for the content they are creating on other social media channels. The content will be split into three main categories: text, photo and video. 

How It Works

You can choose to create between text/photo/video content on different content platforms.
The content must be related to one of the following topics:

- How is Kuende changing the world
- Why is Kuende different from other social networks
- How can Kuende help solving the mental health problems
- How social media addiction is affecting the young generations
- Why to participate in the public sale
- How to register on the whitelist and pass your KYC procedure
- Why is Kuende different than other ICOs
- Showcase the team/partners/apps
- Visuals/drawing/art-works regarding our branding: logo, mascot, taglines/slogans
- Any other creative idea, but please validate it with (on [email protected]) us before working on it!
Kuende bounty managers will review your content and rate it based on the following criteria:

- compliance with guidelines
- quality
- creativity
- engagement generated

Top 30 submissions from each category will be rewarded.

[Image: 7mRJXFU.png]

[Image: bmvjw1j.png]


The Bounty Hunters must compete with each other to raise the highest total amount of Kuende Points (Kp) received on both bounty campaign achievements: Bounty Hunter and Trend Setter.

How It Works

- The Leaderboard entries are being updated every hour.
- The Leaderboard displays only participants that are either registered in or eligible for the Bounty Campaign. Each entry contains the participant’s Social Profile name and the total number of Kp obtained so far through the accumulation of both Bounty Hunter and Trend Setter Achievement scores
- Once the Bounty Campaign ends - 21th of October, at 23:59:59 UTC - winners will be crowned the participants that have placed on the Top 5 entries of the Leaderboard with the highest amounts of Kp

Bounty Campaign Details

Bounty Campaign Reward Pool:
- $495.000 USD in ETH & KUE
- 5 Trips to meet the Kuende Team in Europe

Bounty End Date: October 21st, 2018

Complete Rules & Terms:[/size]

How To Join:

1. Sign Up on
2. Create your Social Profile
3. Add your ETH Wallet in the Account’s Settings
4. Choose between 3 unique bounties (create content in the platform, 
refer friends or create content on other social media platforms)
5. Read and follow the rules for each type of campaign
6. Report all your activity links ( links on this thread) 

Report format:


Week 1     01 - 08 sept

1. Kuende Link
2. Kuende Link
3. Kuende Link
4. Kuende Link
5. Kuende Link
6. Kuende Link

General leaderboard and all tokens distribution you can find them here:
Kuende and SIRIN LABS are announcing a partnership to help drive mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

[Image: 1*d_XDyyLBwUwUCqEVfLfz9w.jpeg]

How exactly will we achieve this? In three ways:

1. Kuende DAPP will come as the pre-loaded social media DAPP on all FINNEY™ device

2. Kuende and SIRIN LABS will work together to include wider communities and educate them on blockchain and cryptocurrency

3. Kuende will provide an airdrop for SRN token holders

[Image: 1*KfmWA38JYi1CBI0o-8AMcg.jpeg]

Charlie Shrem. One of the most legendary, mythical figures of cryptocurrency. Without getting too poetic, some might even call him a martyr for the cause of decentralized currency.

[Image: 1*N01A1CIweaABljjJ0XNAWQ.jpeg]

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