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Looking for an appraisal on a Fortnite exploit username
So I created this Fortnite account back in season one, and I had learned about an exploit where you enter a foreign character to get "any username you want". This username is a 2 character. one letter, and the foreign character. in game it looks like the letter followed by a question mark within a diamond shaped box.

Any information would be much appreciated!

Can show 100% non-debunk-able proof if needed.
Not much.. not sure these sell that well hro
Pm me to deal.

(08-18-2018, 05:44 PM)Anyone Wrote: Not much.. not sure these sell that well hro

Aight man, thanks for the reply. I know there's hella ways to get a name on fortnite like this, but I figured because it's only 2 characters I would ask anyway. I guess i'll keep it for myself.

If anyone else has any idea what it's worth let me know! / bump

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