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I got a gta account level 248 ill list some things it has not all but notable
Maze bank tower maxed
Mc club vinewood maxed
West vinewood nightclub
Vehical warehouse, small warehouse
Chumash bunker maxed
Wind farm facility maxed
Military base hangar
Scramjet maxed
Deluxo maxed
Two insurgent pickup custom maxed
Oppressor maxed
Opressor mk 2 maxed
Akula maxed
Avenger maxed
Stromburg maxed
Moc maxed
Terrabyte maxed
Nightshark maxed
Vigilante maxed
Itali gto
Sentinel classic
Much more! Ask me for pics

Also 1.61 k/d and full mental state
Bumping this is so stacked
kik: jayke

Bump, also much higer level know with modded outfits and a k/d of well over 2.0

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