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Staff applications | Moderators - Community Helpers - Artists
Id love to be a moderator. I've been on the forum since it started and I am a helpful member. Most staff can vouch for me as well.
i have awoken .
(02-27-2018, 02:58 AM)Mjed Wrote: I'm applying to be a moderator and I'll be good at this. Isn't that right cutie ? @chris :P

Oi - Give this guy Staff.
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(03-01-2018, 06:47 AM)Chill Wrote: Oi - Give this guy Staff.

You get staff instead cutie
(03-01-2018, 06:47 AM)Chill Wrote: Oi - Give this guy Staff.

I recommended him to Artif4ct
Applying for mod I’m awesome and log on every day hell yeah
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I would like to apply for either moderator or helper im not totally fussed i just want to try and help the forum in any way i can. Im pretty loyal to this forum ive tried to use the other forum but its not very good if im totally honest.
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Posting to apply for a moderator position. I joined this site back in October 2016, just joining this whole OG Community. Since then I've put in a massive amount of online time, posts, time and money into usernames and activity in this market in general. I grew to enjoy this site and its members and even hosted large giveaways, as I've become more attached. Through all of this I've gained a decent reputation with the community here, even joining the best group onsite (@chris @alvin accepted me into Demons). Fast forward into 2018 im still somewhat active onsite, almost daily

Thanks for the opportunity
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Staff applications are now closed, we're discussing them now and will contact the persons for further questions and information
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@Loli is a staff member now? Where the hell have I been...
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