The Best Instagram Guide - Completely Free!
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The Best Instagram Guide - Completely Free!
This is still here
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Still here for u all
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Hoping this can help some of you, I'm open to questions that need answering :)
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best guide out here
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check this out guys
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Thanks for the method dudee
(04-18-2018, 10:56 PM)bih Wrote: Thanks for the method dudee

glad you enjoy it
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honestly the celebrity follow/unfollow method is ineffective if you have a new account. Instagram literally prevents you from growing your new account that way. Its not about how fast or slow you do it. I can leave for a day, comeback, and im still blocked from following anyone. And even if im not blocked, Instagram will then proceed to block me after about 10 follows or so. Its annoying.

I dont even get a "you're blocked" message. I just can't follow anyone. I am forced to use the app on my laptop if for example I ACTUALLY come across an account I would like to follow. Super annoying.

Google says you can follow up to 7000 accounts (I havent tried) but I feel like the algorithm now pays special attention to celebrity accounts; the way you follow and unfollow them.

Maybe this list should have been made around the new algorithm. If not, then youre better off buying followers because Instagram wants you to ACTUALLY earn them through blood. sweat. and tears.

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