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Todd's Personal/Business Website Designs
Payments accepted
  • PayPal Friends & Family
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum
  • Cashapp/Venmo
  • CSGO/TF2 Keys
  • CSGO Skins
  • Runescape 3 / OldSchool Runescape Gold
Payment prices range upwards to $500 depending on work wanting to be done.
Most common price range is $10 to $50 of work.

Website examples
Find static images here:

What can you provide?

I can provide any kind of work front-end. This includes background videos, images, gifs, audio with volume sliders, special effects/text, social media links, you name it. Whatever you desire I can do it. I can also provide you with a eCommerce website, or WordPress, and also provide website designs for Selly/Shoppy embeds. I can do it all.

Contact information

Discord:  todd#6969 (all lowercase)
Twitter:  @t0dd
Telegram:  unbutton
Kik:  todd (very inactive)
iMessage: [email protected]
I design websites.

Discord: todd#6969

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