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[Wisdom] Update! $150 BTC giveaway [ENDS CHRISTMAS!]
Hey guys, so as the lowkey new owner of Wisdom, I'm going to make this thread short and sweet.

Your post number is your entry number, winner chosen via . Two-three posts per page.

PAYPAL is not an option unless you find an exchanger within the hour.

This is a BTC only giveaway so yeah...

Good luck!

Shoutout to @Chill and the other members of Wisdom!

Edit: if other members of Wisdom decide to donate to this giveaway, or anyone else, amounts given will become a part of the giveaway.



@JaCoB $5
@Horror $5
@based greg $10
@struck $5
         ig/@initiate kik/agony 
I'm a big banned [Image: 4unf51H.png]
I'd like to enter this, great start to a new group owner.
I only accept BITCOIN or ETHEREUM as a payment method. I am not interested in trades.

Do not message me with "list" or "yo", tell me what you're messaging me for.
I would like to enter m8
I'd like to enter this, thanks for the giveaway agony!
I'll enter, thanks Agony.

[Image: XME4WsyXBC7S4yXStjdA.gif]
Am I allowed to enter this? If so count me in!
I'll enter this, thanks for doing this Agony.
[Image: tumblr_ngfm8vcF3b1rsb7rso1_500.gif]
(Lucky post here) I would like to enter this :-)

[Image: Mr0sEZh.png]
I'd like to be in this :) thanks for the giveaway
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