The following will result in warning points:
→ Do not leak of ANY content.
→ Do not grave dig a thread older than 3-months.
→ Do not sell Turbos, checkers, or anything similar.
→ Do not bully/harass members.
→ Do NOT sell stolen accounts. Such as Pizza, adult, ebay, paypal, etc.
→ Do not Proxy-sell.
→ No selling eBooks 
→ Do not character evade.
→ Do not spam.
→ Do not bypass the post character limit.
→ Do not mini mod.
→ Do not troll.
→ Do not misuse the report system.
→ Do not use misleading thread titles.
→ Do not cross post.
→ Do not bump a thread more than ONCE every 8 hours.
→ Do not misuse the reputation system/like system. (Includes begging for points and buying/selling points)
→ Do not discuss warez.
→ Do not post keys/serials/codes in threads. (Use the private messaging system for this.)
→ Do not post fake programs.
→ Do not post illegal software.


The following will result in an automatic ban:
→ Sharing your account. 
→ Do not post anything Black Hat related. (Includes services, cracked content, and information.)
→ Do not advertise forum sites.
→ Selling your account.
→ Ban evasion. 
→ Impersonation of a staff member. 
→ Sharing of viruses. 
→ Phishing in any form. (Includes linking to websites that steal information) 
→ Scamming.
→ Posting of adult content. 
→ Racism (Includes private messages, reputation comments, and profile information). 
→ Hacking/Jacking Accounts. 
→ Discussion of harming OGFLIP' servers or its members. 



VPNs and Proxies:
→ Members caught using VPNs to make accounts will result in closed account (all of them) no matter your account reputation.
→ They are allowed otherwise and can be used at all times as long as it isn't used to bypass bans or to create multiple accounts.

Illegal Activty:
→ Black Hat activity isn't permitted here.
→ Keys, serials, and codes are allowed as long as they're valid. No selling fake items whatsoever. 
→ We are not a hacking forum and we shouldn't be treated as such. Keep things White Hat ONLY. OGFLIP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING HACKING/JACKING RELATED.

Deal Disputes:
Staff will only 'jump-in' deals when enough proof is provided. However deal at YOUR OWN RISK.
Posting of private data in text form is forbidden. Screenshots proving details of transactions relating to deals in question are allowed.
→ Do not contact staff directly about a scam report. Use the correct forum sections. If you do, we will not respond and may take action.
→ Scam reports must be concerning a transaction that is created on OGFLIP and between you and another OGFLIP member.

*These rules and policies are applicable to change at any time.*